Superpowerfragilis: Or How I Learned To Stop Caring And Love The Drug

by The Van Allen Belt

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    Vancouver And All The Reasons Why (EP)
    Songs (EP)
    Heaven On A Branch (LP)

    audio files come in high quality .aiff compression with all album artwork, bonus images, lyrics,
    also includes flac and mp3 format files.

    files come in high quality .aiff compression with all album artwork, bonus images, lyrics,
    also includes flac and mp3 format files.

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  • Our original demo for "Superpowerfragilis: Or How I Learned To Stop Leaning To Love The Drug" looked a lot like this pie - a handmade, very low-yield resin casting with 23 sculpted blackbirds arranged inside. 1 4GB blackbird flash drive with music from the album, album artwork by Pete Luckner, an unreleased cover, bonus images, lyrics, and .mp4 format videos for "Lovely In Akron" and "Out To Lunch". Also includes 11 recipe cards with handwritten lyrics.

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"This music ventures from the edge of 60’s psyche band territory (although they sound nothing like them, think Jefferson Airplane at their most playful), through soundtracks that defined ‘hip’ (think Bacharach meets Schifrin meets Barry), and on to the pure pop of luminaries like The Beach Boys, The Association, and the Mamas and Papas. Put all of those together (yes, I know, it is unfeasible, but…), add some of today’s technology, a great (I mean GREAT) pop sensibility, and you get an album like this: impossible to categorise, luscious to listen to."
-Leicester Bangs

"They are a band who are still in a rather wonderful world of their own and their power to subvert popular music genres shows no signs of running out."
-Leonard's Lair

""By sampling TripHop-stylee those most hoary and Establishment P. Spector and B. Bacharach sounds of the sixties and seventies, then re-triggering those suckers back into the ether re-jigged and re-written from the post-Dubya perspective of No Future, the Van Allen Belt sugars, nay, saccharines its bitter cultural pill AND has us fingerpopping simultaneously. Non-stop orchestral wipe-out? Yes please! Doris Day rides the sybian? U-Betcha!"
-Julian Cope, Head Heritage

"As a listening experience, The Van Allen Belt will keep you constantly off balance. Each song seems to establish its own rules, then break them, then establish some more with such confidence you would think you were listening to Muse."
-David Harry, Americana-UK


released January 20, 2010

Tamar Kamin- Vocals
B.K. Ferris- Keyboard, Guitar, Backup Vocals, Engineering
Tom Altes- Bass, Guitar
Scott Taylor- Backup Vocals, Engineering
Michael W. Kamin- Glockenspiel

All songs written and produced by Benjamin K. Ferris
Performed by The Van Allen Belt
Album Art by Peter Luckner
Released by Nonstop Everything
Victoria Plume Publishing (C)(P) 2010



all rights reserved


The Van Allen Belt Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Van Allen Belt is impossible to categorize, luscious to listen to. This isn't your typical trippy, psychedelic music ― this is unique.

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Track Name: Out To Lunch
It can be so relapsing
Breaking my vow
A room? What kind of room
Are you locked in now?
The spinning is precious
My foot’s out the door
But have you noticed
I’m still looking back at your smile?
I’ve always lived in movies
Right from the start
And in my favorite movie
I win your heart
Something about this time
I am freezing
Something about this time
I am freezing
Something about this here
It’s a window
Now it’s a mirror
It’s four in the morning
Who will I call?
I bid you fair warning
The list is rather small
And I shouldn’t be talking at all!
The doctor gave me something
To kill my will
A million freedom knives
Compressed in a pill
We drift into a flashback
I’m under the sun
What exactly is a thought?
And what exactly is a joke?
It’s just my mind
It’s out to lunch yet again…
Track Name: The Way You Look
Farewell thought
Gone to pot
More and more
More and more
We’ve made a sandwich of things
So this brings civil war
I hate to say it
But today it isn’t gonna be fine
Yes, you have bullets that will
Change our fucking water to wine
You’ll reward the meek
With a knife in the cheek
And every way that you look is down…
I thought that we could make
Like reasonable peas in a pod
But then you think that there’s
Only room in the world for one god
So you keep sex out of
Your precious little princess’ class
Then virgins everywhere
Are ending up with cocks in their ass
Ain’t it good to know
There’s a fiery place below
The only way that you look is down…
Track Name: Nothing
Move to the panic
The latest manic titanic
And now the kings are going deep
To take a pass
Better be frightened
And may your budget be tightened
Because the sky is falling
On the working class
Buy and sell
And go to hell
And suck the milkshake from the well
Your life is a sin tax
Oh yes we can
I know we can
I think we can
I hope we can
Let’s send this message up to the heavens
Change how we look at nothing
What’s this handsome trick you have for me?
Hope for the global oligarchy
Change how we look at nothing
Mind the gap
Borrowed map
Tourist trap
Buy more crap
Bursting flames
Crying games
Making names
Eeeny meeny miny moe
Catch a patsy by the toe
Make seven up yours people of London
Old Barry O.
You oughtta know
You ain’t so bad as puppets go
But you had a rather hard act to follow
Our knight of shiny nothing
Here we have a brand new Trojan horse
One that all the good folks will endorse
Our knight of shiny nothing
And I buy nothing more than anyone…
Track Name: 1997
This drunken night
And the shock it brings
I said some stuff
And you said some things
You believe in things
That you cannot see
Well, add one to that list
Go ahead and believe in me
I’m so sorry it had to end
But I'm a better stranger than a friend
We’re no longer a you and me
I guess we felt the wrath of destiny
You command the light
Every night and that’s fine
I enjoyed the height
Of the grayest remnant of a line
It’s for me to know
That your tears taste like blow
It’s for you to find out
That life is writing you off the show
And I must go
I really don’t mean no offense
But you gotta see we didn’t make no sense
There can only be one way
That I can stand to live another day
I haven’t seen you since that night
But I really hope that someday you will write
But you probably won’t, I guess
Seeing as how I never gave my new address
Track Name: Over The Dream
Severed the ties of youth
Caught in the black of truth
When interest grows too strong
Things start to turn up wrong
It’s safe to say
I’m really really really
Over the dream
Over the dream
Four score and books I read
Falsehood that they force-fed
If you really feel free
You must be drunk as me
In faith we find divide
Scattered out nationwide
Some have faith in the state
Some see the doomful fate
Track Name: Slanted To The Left
“Kerosene” shall melt thy steel of tower
May the wrath of Allah bring it down in one hour
Funny fact about buildings hit by planes
If the building has five sides, the plane leaves no remains
Scientists are slanted to the left!
Exploding elevators all around
Journalists and firemen all heard the sound
Washington makes vehicles reshape
What did the gas station catch on tape?
Video is slanted to the left!
Cleveland seems a ways from Somerset
(You know, that place where they never found a jet)
Those 19 Arab boys will burn in hell
That is, when they’re all through being alive and well
Reality is slanted to the left!
Churches everywhere have bought into the scare
They blindly still endorse the force to stay the course
An unrelated point while here rockin’ the boat
A brush up on some history you seem to like to quote
The Sadducees and Pharisees were on their knees
Young progressive Hebrew disagrees
Says do not live by the sword
Says we should give like the Lord
Jesus was slanted to the left!
You can keep the truth out of your mind
But Jesus was murdered by your kind!
Track Name: Lovely In Akron
To see you yet again
And parade around like imbeciles
You always keep it hot
Like coffee refills
I know it’s been a while
Since I showed my mug around these parts
I think I’m gonna smile
And that’s like a good start
So tragic is this city
But I wouldn’t know
When I’m in it with you
So lovely, lovely, lovely
And lovely in Akron is out of the blue
We’ll go the extra mile
And we’ll tago mago in the park
So crank that little dial
And take pictures of the dark
The crickets and the breeze
Make the air go “hi-dee-ho”
We roll into a ball
And make San Francisco
So tragic is this city
But I’d never know
When I’m in it with you
So lovely, lovely, lovely
And lovely in Akron is out of the blue
How can I make myself less clear?
How can I not be so sincere?
That everything now is new!
And lovely in Akron is out of the blue
Track Name: Grave Race
Poke fun at the bull
His eye’s an easy target
Stimulate the nerves
And long for the music
My turn again
To keep your heart beating
You're so messed up, for real
But it’s the real you are retreating
I’m not easily beat
And I can’t handle defeat
I’ve had a swell time
I wish that I could stay
But drama knocks at my door
And he won’t go away
And you’re up in my face
Yes, I know that I’m a sinner
But you drank a whole case
Before I’d had my dinner
I’m not easily beat
And I can’t handle defeat
Tell me one more time that it’s the end
Even if it’s not true we could pretend
Tell me that you’ve drank your final drop
Maybe then the craziness will stop
The war’s never over
War’s never over…
Track Name: Camp Newton
Waking a plan So passing strange No less a man No less to change Buyers of good One enemy Acronym stood For blasphemy Get well soon card Magical spit Knowledge is barred From the pulpit Classical quarrel Bloodshed a sell Westernized moral Banking on hell Clouding your thoughts of your fears Life ain’t no mystery Don’t smoke that history Deep in the pocket of All I can stomach and Nothing has been done yet To easy to forget Cheers to the newest year Cheers to the age of fear Bake a beginning With no happy middle Or end it with violence There goes alliance With everyday science And sit in the clutch of The promise of tyranny Think it won’t affect me New scribes are born Carrying on Sounding the horn Scholastic dawn Impressions die Brains make the plot Through by and by All myths forgot Book age corrupts Acolyte minds New joy erupts Humanist kinds Time takes it’s toll in confident ways Number one role in freeing the slaves Cleansing your thoughts of your fears Swallow me
Track Name: The Status Quo: A Line Dance
Find the harmony
With your fellow man
Think the way he thinks
I know you can
I know you can
Give the girls their dolls
Give the boys their trucks
Shape the bright young minds
Into worthless fucks
Step to the same different drum
It’s fantastic just being medium
Find the status quo in your soul
Tell the same old jokes
As the average folks
Be a Wednesday night
Every night of your life
Do “The Status Quo”
Dance like the others
Move to the center now or else
You’re on your own
If you do not abide you will die all alone
Do “The Status Quo”
Dance, dance, dance, dance
Dance like the others…