Vancouver And All The Reasons Why

by The Van Allen Belt

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Original songs on this EP were recorded in the early summer of 2007 following the release of MEAL TICKET TO PURGATORY. It includes the original recording of "Over The Dream" and alternate versions of "Vancouver" "The Way You Look" and "Best Way To Start The Day" recorded in live studio sessions and later altered in production.


released 20 January 2010

Vocals: Tamar Kamin
Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals: Benjamin K. Ferris
Turntables: Scott Taylor

All songs written and produced by B.K. Ferris
Engineering: Scott Taylor
Art: Pete Luckner

(C)(P) 2010
Nonstop Everything Records



all rights reserved


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The Van Allen Belt Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Van Allen Belt is impossible to categorize, luscious to listen to. This isn't your typical trippy, psychedelic music ― this is unique.

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Track Name: Break

Up in your cave
You dance your lonely rave
But you'll never find
Free in your mind

One time will you break for my heart
One time for me

One time will you break for my heart
Oh no I don't see you

Your gonna be forgotten in a hundred years or less my friend
The world must move around within the brain you use when you pretend
Your vanity's invisible to everyone around you and the ideas that you have are too incredible to be true

Oh no I don't see you
Track Name: Vancouver

Next time won’t be in this world I think you probably told me something
That I can’t remember
For I took drugs to forget about you
It didn’t work so well you see
I tried to use experience
Couldn’t get it right with you for once
Or return the favor of happiness
So call me friend
Or let it end
I don’t know how to
Take the blame for anything
But I’m begging for a fifty-second chance

Let’s load up the car and bid farewell to agony
Get out of this ghetto and move to Vancouver with me

Wake up next to me
Tomorrow morning we can talk about
How much we miss your mother
And the dark nights in the fruit loop
I won’t make you play psychologist
I won’t manipulate your heart
It’s a perfect heart though it beats too fast
Let’s save the best irony for last

Let’s make love tonight and celebrate diversity
Get out of this ghetto and move to Vancouver with me
Track Name: Down And Outside

You make the whisper fresh again like telling secrets to a friend
and it's the last there's ever been until the next one meets the end
A public act of modern thought where old ideas are left to rot
We had a pleasure problem when I lost my face and found a friend

Where's the luck when you need it
Money in the blank
Gas to fill my rank

I see there's hope in making sense of living lives without a chance
But we'll believe in Santa Clause to give the hood effective cause
And the savior of your soul The numbered order that will roll
The tickets you buy every day
The front row seats to your dismay

Where's the luck when you feed it
Money in the blank
Gas to fill my rank

Where's the luck when you feed it
Money in the blank
Gas to fill my rank
Track Name: Over The Dream

Severed the ties of youth
Caught in the black of truth
When interest grows too strong
Things start to turn up wrong

It’s safe to say
I’m really really really
Over the dream
Over the dream

Four score and books I read
Falsehood that they force-fed
If you really feel free
You must be drunk as me

In faith we find divide
Scattered out nationwide
Some have faith in the state
Some see the doomful fate
Track Name: Someone To Jump On Trains With

I have an offer that you should refuse baby you've been told
We work at counter tops for pocket change and we're getting old
I do my laundry in my shower stall I feast on beans and rice
I do not care to share that life but it would be nice

Keep me company
Be poor with me
We'll run from the rain
On a cargo train

My allergy to security is an endless curse
And being poor as a gypsy whore I don't need a purse
And with the poverty of snobbery there are few to tell
That after all that has eaten me I am doing well

Keep me company
Be poor with me
We'll run from the rain
On a cargo train

We can starve together

Expect the worst and hope for the worst but do it first

Keep me company
Be poor with me
We'll run from the rain
On a cargo train

We can starve together
Track Name: The Way You Look

Farewell thought
Gone to pot
More and more
More and more
We’ve made a sandwich of things
So this brings civil war
I hate to say it
But today it isn’t gonna be fine
Yes, you have bullets that will
Change our fucking water to wine
You’ll reward the meek
With a knife in the cheek
And every way that you look is down…
I thought that we could make
Like reasonable peas in a pod
But then you think that there’s
Only room in the world for one god
So you keep sex out of
Your precious little princess’ class
Then virgins everywhere
Are ending up with cocks in their ass
Ain’t it good to know
There’s a fiery place below
The only way that you look is down…
Track Name: Best Way To Start The Day

Don’t think of much
Think of touching the skin of God
Caressing undressing
Already off I guess
Last night was second best
Goes without me to say
Best way to start the day

Don’t know what our future will bring
It’s not worth thought
Each day brings new choices
I like this one a lot
Troubles are so forgot

Goes without me to say
Best way to start the day

Greatest of sharing that one can assume
Religious conversion in my bedroom
And we can forget it all